Ping SEO Master 1.8.0 for Windows 10


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Ping Master SEO is a tool for sending pings to the XML-RPC service. The program contains a list of XML-RPC service which will send data ping. Base XML-RPC service can be modified by adding more, or delete those you do not need. Software features: * Sending ping to the selected service on all servers XML-PRC. * Sending ping all services from a list of all the XML-RPC servers. * Sending ping all services from a list of all the XML-RPC servers with ping repetition time! * Adding ping services with automatic downloading of title from the code page. And deletion. * Import of services addresses from a text file or XML google site maps and generate titles to send ping. * Adding services XML-RPC with the possibility of test data in order to read the server's response. * Save time last ping service and the number of repetitions for odpingowanego ping service. * Set the delay in seconds between successive pinged addresses from your list of sites. * Set the interval between repeat ping all the sites from the list. * Hiding the program to the system tray "tray" on the bottom right of the taskbar. * Preview the xml / html response XML-RPC servers to send ping. * Multithreaded combination of XML-RPC servers. * Three times in the case of repeated requests other than HTTP 200 response XML-RPC server.